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Weidmuller Stripax plus 2,5 draadstriptang

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Stripax plus pliers and wire-end ferrules

Stripax plus pliers allow you to cut, strip wires between 0.5 and 2.5 mm2 and crimp wire-end ferrules with the same cross section.
Wires can be cut and stripped without clutch crimping the wire-end ferrules. Crimping complies with EN standard 50027 and with DIN 6228. Automatic feeding of wire-end ferrules.
The wire-end ferrules are supplied in packs of 500 split into strips of 50 parts each (see stock numbers 204-6682, 204-6698, 204-6705, 204-6711 and 204-6727)
Stock number 204-6676 is a kit consisting of a carry case containing 1 x pliers, 250 x 1mm2 wire-end ferrules and 250 x 1.5 mm2 wire-end ferrules.
Stock number 286-1009 is a STRIPAX PLUS 2.5 crimp tool

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Weidmuller Stripax plus 2,5 draadstriptang

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